Special Investigations Unit

New-Patch-Trans 1 jpgThe Special investigations Unit (SIU) of the Smyrna Police Department investigates all major crimes that occur within the Town of Smyrna. Currently the unit is comprised of four detectives led by a criminal Lieutenant. In addition to the criminal detectives the unit also encompasses the two School Resource Officers.  

Under the direction of the Chief of Police and SIU Commander the detectives thoroughly investigate hundreds of crimes each year ranging from burglaries and serious assaults, to forgeries and frauds. The unit is also tasked with monitoring the activity of local pawn shops and maintaining records on all sex offenders within the Smyrna. All sworn and civilian background investigations for volunteers and employees are also conducted by the unit.

SIU Commander-Lt. Torrie James

Cpl. Richard “Eric” Cooper

Cpl. Brandon Dunning

Pfc. William Davis

Pfc. Jessica Weller, SRO

Ptlm. Michael Carrigan, SRO



Members of the Smyrna Police Department also participate in state and federal task forces to help bring resources to combat illegal drug activity, local and state fugitives, and major crimes/terrorism. Officers participate on the US Marshalls First State Fugitive Task Force, DEA Task Force, and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).