RAIDS Online

RAIDS (Regional Analysis and Information Data Sharing) Online goes beyond crime mapping by automatically alerting the public about recent crime activity and by improving communication between the public and law enforcement trough anonymous tipping. RAIDS Online works with any RMS to allow law enforcement to share crime data with the public through and easy-to-use online crime map and analytics dashboard. This is a valuable tool for law enforcement to communicate crime activity to their citizens and the media. RAIDS Online also provides automated neighborhood watch emails that keep the public up-to-date on recent crime activity near their home, school or other places of interest. RAIDS Online empowers the public to make better decisions about crime by putting the same technology used by law enforcement to analyze and interpret crime activity into the hands of the public.


RAIDS Online Mobile

RAIDS Online Mobile empowers citizens to better understand crime trends and lower crime in their area. Recent crime incidents are displayed on a map or listed in a grid. Users can click on an incident for more information or display a hotspot map based on the crimes that are currently in display. Users can also sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically email any recent crime activity on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. The app makes all of this information accessible anywhere from a user’s mobile device.

The RAIDS Online Mobile app is available for FREE on the App Store.