Past Chiefs


Ben W. Turner, 1907-1913 (no picture)

Lee Cochran 1913-1922 (no picture)

Chief Joshua Lewis 1922-1938

Joshua Lewis, 1922-1938

Chief John W. Jacobs Jr 1938 to 1961     2-3-51











John W. Jacobs Jr., 1938-1961

Eden Jones, 1961-? (no picture)


William Short, 1961-1968

Chief of Police William C. Woehlke

William Woehlke 1968-1975

COP William C. Raynor

William Raynor 1975-1979

Acting COP- SGT Nelson Mesick

Nelson Mesick, December 1979-June 1980

Interim COP- James T. Vaughn

James T. Vaughn, June 1980-December 1980

COP Donald H. McGinty

Donald H. McGinty, 1980-1997

Baldwin, Richard H. Jr.

Richard H. Baldwin Jr., 1997-2010

Bordley, Wilbert

Wilbert Bordley, 2011- January 2014

Chief Wood

Norman Wood, July 2014-